– What is your hourly rate?
Demolex operates with an upfront price for the entire job. The advantages are that they are no surprises and the client approves the work before any work is done. There are no additional or hidden charges after the fact regardless of how long it takes to complete the work.

– Please describe your preliminary estimate process.
We begin with a free onsite consultation and estimate and then provide you with a range of options to meet your needs.

Prior to beginning work we prepare a project plan that describes  the work we will do with projected timeline and fixed budget.

Work begins after all the details of the project are agreed upon.
Estimated cost of the project will not change, unless there are significant and unforeseen changes in the scope of work,  and then only with your prior approval.

– During ongoing work process, what is your reporting procedures ?
Throughout our work together you will receive frequent reporting and updates.  All reporting will be done through a site manager who becomes your main point of contact during the length of the project.

– Does your company follow any quality control  procedures?
Our commitment to craftsmanship, safety and customer service. We will not only meet your needs, but provide you with the peace of mind that comes with our Quality Assurance program.

– How can i obtain a quote?
Call us (604) 779-2285 or email at info@demolex.ca to schedule your free onsite consultation.

– Are you Insured and licensed contractor?
We  carry $5.000.000 General Commercial liability insurance and all of our key personal certified according to industry standards.

– Is Demolex Inc. accredited with Better Business Bureau Canada ?
Yes, we are fully accredited.

– Do you offer free estimates on weekends?
Yes, please feel free to call us anytime.

– Does your crew work evenings and weekends as well as regular hours?
Yes, we will work around your schedule. Our crews will comply with applicable municipality noise by-laws.

– Do you offer 24/7 Emergency On-call Service?
Yes, most of the time we have crew available at all times.


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