Insulation removal

Do you have damaged insulation in your house or building?
Water or Fire Damage ?
Animal damage  or simple remodeling and insulation is in your way ?

Book your appointment with a licensed technician for a free consultation to make informative decision.

Specially designed heavy duty gas powered attic extraction machine, promotes dust free work sites and allows us to vacuum a lot of loose fill insulation in a short period of time.



Normally, insulation removal is only a “must” venture when Insulation gets damaged by water, fire, smoke or contaminated with dead animals and their droppings. If you have older insulation, cellulose or fiberglass bats or any other non contaminated insulation in your attic and you want to upgrade R-Value to current standards, we can just blow-in  fibreglass over top of existing insulation

Main reasons to have  your insulation removed:

  • Renovation of rooms beneath your attic requiring removal of your ceiling drywall.
  • Complete re-wiring of your house including your attic space.
  • Adding a second story onto a bungalow.
  • Restoration after there has been a fire or other disaster.
  • Damaged insulation due to animal nesting.
  • Allergy related problems with existing insulation.

We work directly with home owners, insurance companies, restoration companies, and renovation contractors.

For pricing you can schedule onsite visit with a licenced technician for a free consultation and estimate or simply call us.

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